The Ultimate What if? Podcast!

Pop Culture Must Die is the ultimate What if? podcast. In this weekly series, hosts Christian A. Dumais and Derrek Carriveau take two beloved pieces of pop culture and debate about which one should be erased from history and then wrestle with its implications.

Sophie's Choicing Our Way Through Pop Culture!

PCMD will Sophie’s Choice its way through works like Stephen King’s It vs. The Stand and Pearl Jam’s Ten vs. Versus, and zoom out to more daunting topics like Marvel vs. DC and John Carpenter’s 80s movies vs. Steven Spielberg’s 80s movies. 

Why Pop Culture Must Die!

While Christian and Derrek are approaching pop culture from different perspectives, they both can see how problematic it’s become over the last decade – especially when it comes to the way people are reacting to it.   

By removing pop culture one piece at a time, PCMD hopes to help reclaim why people love it so much and help course-correct its more toxic side effects. 

About the Hosts

Christian A. Dumais is a writer, comedian, and pop culture enthusiast. His books include SMASHED: THE LIFE AND TWEETS OF DRUNK HULK (based on Twitter's enormously successful @DRUNKHULK) and EMPTY ROOMS LONELY COUNTRIES.
Derrek Carriveau is best known as one of Poland's hardest working comedians. His specific brand of comedy has brought him to sold out shows all over Europe. He is also a voice actor. You can listen to him on his own podcast: I F*CKING LOVE THIS RECORD.